Unlock Agency Access For Your VAs And Clients!

Turn Your SendEagle Account Into Easy Monthly Money... Offer Superior Email Results To Your Clients, While Your VA Does All The Work!

Bill Your Clients Monthly

With your special launch price, you’ll have plenty of profit margin, and your own emailing will be free

Give Your Clients Superior Results

Your clients will stick with you month after month when they see how SendEagle fattens their bottom line

Independent Logins

Your client can log in to check their stats or even send their own emails, without accessing other clients or your emails

VA Login

Designate one account or many for your virtual or in-house assistants to access, so THEY can do the work for you

From the desk of Jack Hopman…

Your clients need better email results, just like you do.

Why not offer them the same benefits you’re getting from
SendEagle as a service?

You can do this, with

Independent Logins

Each client gets their own login. That makes it possible to separate their emailings from everyone else’s emailings. If they log in, they’ll only see their own stats, their own lists, and their own emails, without being able to access anyone else’s data.

And if you’re the one doing the emailing, you’ll never have to worry about sending one client’s email to a different clients list.

VA Logins

Why do the work, when you can have someone else do it for you? With SendEagle Agency, you can confidently allow a virtual assistant to log in and safely do the work. You can allow them to log into one client or multiple clients, so they can only access what you want them to access.

The Key To Profiting From SendEagle Agency:

Getting paid once is great, but getting paid monthly is where it’s at. When you have clients paying you every month for running their emailings, you know that you’ll have money coming in month after month. And each new client just builds that monthly cash pile bigger.

The best part? When they make more money (thanks to SendEagle’s higher open rates, split testing, and artificial intelligence subject line prediction), they’ll stick with you month after month after month.

And Don’t Forget, When Your Clients Pay You, Your Own SendEagle Emailing Is Free!

You’re getting a great low launch price in this deal. That means you can easily offer superior email results for less than your clients would pay other email services.

Just ONE client could pay your SendEagle bill, meaning you get your emailing for free. That’s more profit in your bank account!

You Are Protected By My 30-Day Risk-Free Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee

I understand that you may not have purchased from me before, or maybe you’ve been burned by other slick marketers. I get it. That’s why I believe you should have full protection.

Take SendEagle Agency for a 30 day test drive. If you are unhappy, just file a ticket at my support desk within 30 days after purchase. I will refund your purchase price.

It’s as simple as that.

Get SendEagle AGENCY For
A Special Discounted Deal
  • SendEagle Agency
      •   Bill Your Clients Monthly
      •   Give Your Clients Superior Results
      •   Independent Logins
      •   VA Login
      •   One-Time Payment During Launch

    After Launch: $67

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