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From the desk of Jack Hopman…

You and I both know how profitable email marketing can be.

It’s easy, too. Just write the email, send it to your list, and watch the dollars come in.

Heck, you don’t even have to write the email, just pick up one of those “email swipe” collections from the many email marketing
gurus out there, pick a winner, adapt it a bit, and you’re good to go.

But ah… did you catch the important part in that last statement?

In order to succeed with email swipes (or even your own original emails)...

Now, you might be thinking, “what’s so hard about that? I bought this package of
email swipes from a successful marketer, they’ll ALL be winners, right?”

Well, you might think that.

The truth is...

There’s More To It Than Just The Email Message Itself.

Of course, your email copy is super important...

  •  It has to convey a compelling message to the reader that makes them want, even NEED, to click that link you’re giving them.
     It has to pre-sell whatever you’re promoting without being a blatant hard-sell, so your reader is looking for the buy button from the minute they hit the sales page.
  •  And it has to be free of the many words and phrases that trigger the dreaded gatekeeper in front of every single one of your buyers: the spam filter.

But no matter what swipe file you’re using, or how good of a copywriter you are, there’s one thing that you’ve been unaware of this whole time...

One thing that the REAL email marketing professionals aren’t sharing with you, even when they give you a collection of their “best” email swipes...

(And the funny thing is, it’s something those professionals may not even know themselves - they’re flying as blindly as you…)

In order to maximize your email marketing profits, you need to know...

What Is The Best, Highest Converting SUBJECT LINE To Use!​​​​​​​

Most people understand how important a compelling subject line is for getting your email opened -- that’s your Open Rate.

But the Open Rate doesn’t tell you the whole story.

Did you know that changing just the subject line on an email can double, even triple the number of people who will click your link and buy?

And it goes the other way, too. Use the wrong subject line and you can cut your conversions in half… even with the same Open Rate!

But without a magic crystal ball, how do you know which subject line is which?

How do you know which subject line will bring you the gold and which will simply flush your conversion rate down the toilet?


You Test Different Subject Lines With The Same Email Message.

All you need to do to test out two different subject lines is send your email to half your list with one subject line, and the other half of your list gets the other subject line.

If you want to test more than two subject lines, cut your list into the appropriate equal sized chunks, and mail.

Make sure your email has a tracking code in there, so you can gauge not only which subject line got the best open rate, but which resulted in more clicks on your link, and which resulted in more sales.

I know, it sounds like a drag, and that really only gives you the answer AFTER you send.

It’s 2020… There HAS To Be A Better Way!

That’s what I thought, too. I understand your pain.

Look, there’s something you need to know about me…

I’m a huge fan of email marketing. If you’re on my list, you know that I am always promoting, probably just like you.

And like any marketer, I like to make the most money possible.

One way I increased the amount of money I make from my email promotions was to build my own email system, called SendEagle. That way, I had full control over my emails, plus I could build in the special features I didn’t see in other email systems.

One of those features was the testing I just described above. That definitely helped me see what subject lines worked the best.

However, I still wished I could get those answers BEFORE I mail.

After all, it’s great to know which of four possible subject lines is best after you’ve done your mailing…

...But 3/4 of your list DIDN’T get that winning subject line.

If the best subject line of the 4 resulted in twice the sales, think about the bottom line if the entire list got that subject line!

It wasn’t until after I started letting other marketers use SendEagle that I realized...

There IS A Way To See Into The Subject Line Future!

You see, my testing functionality provided a lot of eye-opening results for everyone in my pilot group of SendEagle users.

Now, they could look back and see what effect different subject lines had on their promotions, and what subject line tweaks could improve their profits.

I was on a long drive one afternoon, just daydreaming as I drove down the highway, when I looked at the GPS navigation on my phone. I needed to know how far I was from the next exit.

That’s when it hit me…

That GPS app can tell me how far I am from the next exit because it has all that map data built in and accessible.

It can look at the existing data, look at where I am, and tell me the distance. It can even tell me a different exit to take, if there’s an accident ahead or some other traffic delay, based on what other drivers are experiencing.

SendEagle could do the same for me and my users.

I couldn’t wait to get home and dive into the code. I’d figured it out, the “Holy Grail” of email marketing...



For The First Time, You Can Search For The Most Successful Subject Line For Your Email…

BEFORE You Even Send It!

SendSubject Is The Crystal Ball Of
Email Marketing
  •  As simple as using Google
     Find subject lines based on your promo niche
  •  Results sorted by Quality score (opens/clicks/conversions)
     Online service, so always available wherever you are
  •  Updated every single day, anytime anyone sends
     Always access the newest and best subject lines

When you search for a subject line, SendSubject pores through the data of every subject line that’s been mailed in SendEagle, up to that very second.

It looks for subject lines that match up with your search term, then ranks them according to my proprietary Quality score, which measures Open Rate, Clickthru Rate, and Conversion Rate.

You then pick the success factor that’s most important to you and VOILA, your best subject lines appear.

Here’s A Short Video Showing Just How Easy
It Is To Find The Winning Subject Line With
Start Using SendSubject And Watch Your Profits Skyrocket!

In this paragraph, we’ll quote some specific stats from Jack Hopman’s split testing to show how profits are increased by using the best subject lines.

Check Out What REAL Results SendSubject
Users Have Been Getting:

Michal Penland

Appriciate you Jack. Loving SendEagle.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Dave Prosser

I got introduced to the platform from a guy who did over $10,000,000 with email marketing...​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Roshanda White

You’re an awesome guy Jack...The web world is a better place thanks to you!​​​​​​​


Thanks Jack my man!! I had my laptop stolen and needed a good lead gen solution....I bought this today and this is in fact is better than anything else I've had before and I've tried a few things!!! Thanks Jack! I hope to make one of your florida seminars sometime!!​​​​​​​

Kelly Smith

I just want to thank you for your time and advice yesterday. I really appreciate that. I’m going to be able to act more confident knowing that you have confidence and can help me find the customers these people need. This helps a lot.

Melody Christie

I subscribed in 2016 and today I have numerous clients from a host of different industries and alot of this has to do with you and your products, Jack. I truly appreciate the support I've received from you and Karen, especially in the beginning stages. Your products are a one-stop destination for anyone wanting to venture out and start an online business, with low start-up cost/risk.

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I understand that you may not have purchased from me before, or maybe you’ve been burned by other slick marketers. I get it. That’s why I believe you should have full protection.

Take SendSubject for a 30 day test drive. If you are unhappy, just file a ticket at my support desk within 30 days after purchase. I will refund your purchase price.

It’s as simple as that.

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